Welcome to Eden’s Ridge Wedding and Event Venue
at Abundant Valley Farm

Located in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia along scenic Rt 42, Eden’s Ridge is an experience seasoned with the unique spices of majestic views, pristine farmland, and blended with the sustainable traditions of a working family farm.

A venue with a powerful sense of Place like none other, a place where family starts and grows. It’s the place we call home and Live our Story, and is the place where you begin yours! Sharing this place, and our work here, with others has always been a source of Life, Joy, Bonding, and Inspiration for our family as well as all who visit. Now we want to share this place in a larger way by opening it up to weddings and special events, some of life’s most memorable experiences!

Whether you’re beginning your new life together, celebrating life milestones, or seeking a new and inspiring environment to host any number of events, you’ve found such a place at Eden’s Ridge. Atop one of Virginia’s most breathtaking views with our docile heritage Red Devon Cattle grazing in the distance, either from the soaring Ridge or under the whispering Oaks, plan your special day with us!